Eugenia has been singing all her life. The very first time, at the tender age of 7 on stage in a summer production of Cinderella. Although she is also an accomplished flute player having started playing in fourth grade, her heart lies in her love of singing. The turning point towards becoming more serious about music came when a gift from her brother of a Sarah Vaughan album turned a private and personal love of singing into her successful endeavor in becoming part of the vocal sorority. Since moving to Chicago in 1991 from the east coast, Eugenia has made her mark on the Chicago music scene in a wide variety of musical genres that include vocal jazz standards, bluegrass, old time country and popular contemporary music. Eugenia has not only performed in many well known Chicago venues but has been successful in the realm of studio recording including demo and album work. Like many of her generation struggling to get a solid foothold in the business, Elliott has held down a variety of “day jobs” including those as a clinical social worker and massage therapist. She feels there is a symbiotic bond between the two professions and music in that all are dedicated to relationships, communication and, in a sense, healing.

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